Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Here is the final video I have created for Advanced Play Design. This is my reflective video for this semester. It summarises all the weekly exercises that I have done in this semester. This is the poem that I have written for this reflective video to describe my exercises:

It all started in 2020, when we were faced with a pandemic,

Coronavirus came to the world, a pathogenic.

Everyone was forced into isolation,

No idea when we would come out of this condition.

Then we started on a beautiful journey,

While the virus showed us no mercy.

Apd came to our lives and brought positivity

It directed us all towards fun and productivity.

The first week started with play and self,

Where you got to depict thyself.

I portrayed my life in quarantine,

My home, the place where I have been.

I showed my life with the help of sound,

Work was the only solace I found.

Over the months the weather changed,

When the leaves fell only the tree trunks remained.

Decided to use this as the ground,

To respond to play and time theme we found.

Play and objects gave us a chance to play with things,

I thought to focus on people’s whims.

Never ending materialism was the problem prevalent,

People never think they have got sufficient.

Still in lockdown in the house,

Where we study, work, have coffee and eat sprouts.

Completing submissions, washing plates,

Emerged the idea of week 4 play and place.

Place being a home like no other,

Easing of restriction filled our life with colour.

I went to the super market to get grocery on this expedition,

Collected all tempting food keeping in mind the 5km restriction.

Shopping constituted to play and forces,

As I collected all chips, biscuits and sauces.

Weight gain was a grief profound,

But then came play and sound.

Sound design went into the pipeline,

As I played with a city’s skyline.

Skyline danced with a sound visualizer,

Regular apd only got me wiser.

Still in lockdown, time for summer,

Sky was filled with beautiful colour.

Then came play and body,

The topic worried me about what to embody.

I played with my hands to create an animal show,

Animals talked through my hands fast and slow.

Went to bed with a peaceful head,

Abstraction was the next topic they said.

I thought to depict a dream,

Purple and pink was the theme.

Abstract dreams depicted the topic,

Dreams often had no logic.

Sounds were used set the mood,

Stillness was the topic to conclude.

Relishing the topic of play and stillness,

Screenshotting the right thing required quickness.

Apd as the story told is a beautiful journey, we will always behold,

Still in quarantine, time for summer,

The sky was filled with beautiful colour.

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By Samridhi Handa
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Published On: 26/10/2020