Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Corresponding to this theme, I want to change and develop different possibilities in a static environment.  And there should be some connections between different objects. For example, the same material or things that people can associate together. This is inspired by the character in the comic BAKI-DOU who pinched graphite into diamonds with bare hands. At the time, I just thought it was nonsense, and it was too exaggerated as a powerful character. But use in reality has a sense of absurdity like magic. Let the audience pretend that they have the same strong grip or a magician like a comic character. You can squeeze the spoon into coins with your bare hands, or even reduce lemon tea to lemon. This requires some imagination, and I want to make this a filter. For example, the comic effect lines and onomatopoeia I add when I make a fist. When the filter is turned on, the item on the hand is replaced with another related item.


Prepare some objects and take pictures in the same pose. Add comic effect filter.


I have no experience in filter development. Maybe this should also be considered as an AR technology? In this case, I can use some other software such as custom filters from snapchat or len studio. I need extra learning to use these software. However, each filter can only be replaced by one kind alone. I still need more research to achieve most of the effects in one filter.

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By Raivis Su
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Published On: 14/10/2020