Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

Theme: Characters, Place and Events

Context: We talked about the formation of the character, things presented in the character has a reason, a history so his behavior and interaction with the current world makes sense. This approach applies to the modern media more like an explanation or justification for the shallow character. I believe showing the complexity of a character is a good enough justification, and the changing of a human is a subtle process itself: it reveals how a human’s mind, a unique concoction of its surroundings, evolves as it experiences and reacts to the story, and show us more of itself.

Method: I found My character, a plastic cup, in the bin, and made a animated video of it being stabbed. I took the video, speeded it up and rendered it to 12 frames per second, then used tvpaint to add the facial emotion.

Response: The cup is initially panicked about the stabbing, then as the water runs out, it got used to it, and show his contempt to the one who commited the crime. It could mean that it’s a brave piece of plastic cup even in the beginning, and it learns to endure the pain.

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By Yao Shunyuan
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Published On: 18/04/2019


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