Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity

A very quick 3D model created in Autodesk Maya

In the first class of Digital Media Research Strategies we were asked to think of a basic research question and create a small task related to it.

My question was: Can 3D Environements help those suffering from mental health issues?

To answer this question I decided to create a minimalist environment that represents the idea of mental health being like a dying tree. Although it is a very literal response I believe it helps communicate the idea of how isolated people can feel when they suffer from mental health issues because, like this dying tree, they too stand alone in a bare and desolate landscape.

Overall I feel this tasks was successful in that it got me to think about my research question in some depth, and I was able to create a short response to it. In the creation of this task I really felt like I achieved something as I didn't allow myself to overthink what I wanted to create.

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By Rachel Nixon
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Published On: 07/03/2018