Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Play and object


for this week task, I was really inspired from this Unfortunately, I can’t get any circuit device at this moment. So I’m going to find a alternative way to express my idea. This is the idea of a shift in the way that objects are used.


approaching for this idea, I was looking around of my room to find some objects. Finally I found some plastic toys from Coles. Then I pick 7 toys for different button. I recorded a short video which showing I use finger to touch each toy. For here ,I want to express this is a replaced button. Then I put this video to Adobe Premiere, and I download some free sound effects to match the action of each toy I touched. So making  it looks as I touched the toy and had a relative sound. Actually this isn’t a physical way cause I have no device to do it. So this practice just want to communicate a idea. It is not  a exactly test according to that inspiration.


In this works , the idea that I what to express could use alternative items to reach. Replacing objects with other objects by changing the way we usually use them is the main idea of this exercise.

sending a command to a computer or device is normal way to transfer information. So I think about when we type text on the keyboard. If we replace the buttons on the keyboard with other objects, for example, replacing the space bar with a loaf of bread. This is a strange idea I think. But what I'm saying is that sometimes we need to think outside the box and look at objects in a different way. Maybe we can find something different in this world.


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By Felix Guo
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Published On: 25/03/2020