Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity
Master Of Animation, Games & Interactivity


Play & Stillness


What we focused on this week is the relationship between stillness and play. I think stillness is a relative state, only in the dynamic background, the object will show static. So we want to play with the transform between stillness and movement. Artist Scott Garner uses a flat-screen-motion-sensitive display attached to a rotating mount to make the simple painting into a truly interactive work of art. John Park and his team members make the painting, The scream, into an interactive work. So when people scream at The Scream and The Scream screams back! Music Playing Wall, a fun Interactive touch wall painted with instruments recognizes hand touch, plays the sound of instruments and maps colors. A painting of musical instruments feels like a real instrument to play music., Ivan Black creates interactive kinetic sculptures that are like giant mesmerizing art toys for adults to play with. in general speaking, sculpture is a kind of static object which using its expression and poses to generate a feeling of movement. in this work, when players rotate the sculpture, it will become another form and looks like a moving machine.


I haven't made any interactive project before, so this time I'd like to collaborate with Pheobe and Qyannyu, who have a lot of experience. At first, Pheobe cames up with the idea that using projection to play the moving video on the still fish which makes it looks like swimming in the water. However, we think the outcome won't be nice and decide to make jellyfish with glittering cellophane. we also will put lights in the jellyfishes which hope the reflection can make the static objects look like moving.


This week I chose to collaborate with Pheobe and Qyannyu, because I think they have new skills and technicals which I'm not familiar with. This collaboration provides a chance for me to generate new things and greatly enhance the possibility of the project. The outcome is quite beautiful, I think the idea of sticking lights in the jellyfish makes them look like undersea, which creates the feeling of floating and swimming. We enjoy the hand making process although it really takes time but worthwhile.

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By Ang Li
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Published On: 16/10/2019